Lowell, NC & Winnemucca, NV Cancelled

Hi everyone,
There’s no sugar coating this… it’s more bad news…
When organizing a Horseshoe Tour Tournament, at the 30-day point prior to the tournament we always strive to have everything in place so that we could theoretically run the tournament right then. Typically, the only thing we are missing from there on is all the player entries. Everything else is ready to go. Well, we are almost to that point in time right now with our 2020 Lowell, NC tournament and we have nothing but unknowns.
North Carolina just started Phase One of their recovery plan which does not allow public gatherings of more than ten people. Their six feet social distancing orders are still in place and face masks are still part of the picture in close public situations. All restaurants are currently closed for dining. Plus, there are many other restrictions still in place. We could never run a tournament under these current conditions, nor would we ever even try. The earliest any of this could change is May 22. But even if the state actually reaches Phase Two by tournament time, it will still include some form of social distancing, masks in close contact situations, group size restrictions, and heavily restricted restaurant dining options.
So, even Phase Two is extremely challenging for us and we have no idea if North Carolina will even be there by then. Not only that, but long-distance travel is still very risky for our players and many of your home states still have travel bans in place or self-quarantine orders upon return from travel which are likely to extend well into June. By this point, we were hoping to see many June sanctioned horseshoe tournaments being planned, but instead it’s the opposite. So, with things as they are, we feel we have no choice but to cancel the Lowell, NC Horseshoe Tour Tournament originally scheduled for June 20-21.
Beyond that, I’m sorry to report that it’s been decided by the Winnemucca, NV site to cancel the August 2020 Horseshoe Tour tournament there as well. So, that leaves us with just one tournament left on the 2020 schedule… Morgan City, LA in mid-October. We have no intentions of cancelling that tournament and right now, we are focusing all our efforts on having the best possible event we can have there in October. Morgan City is always one of the highlights of the season for us anyways and we sure hope you can all join us there in October. We’re going to do everything we can to make it one of our most amazing tournaments ever!

Bobby White, President
The Horseshoe Tour