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Breaking News!!!
Breaking News:  The Horseshoe Tour has landed the 2016 Eastern Nationals!
For the fourth time since 2010, the Erie Horseshoe Club and Thoroughbred Horseshoes are teaming up to bring the Horseshoe Tour to Erie, PA.  This time, they’ve pulled out all the stops, handing us their crowning event, the prestigious Eastern Nationals!  Yes, we are extremely excited to announce that the 66th meeting of the Eastern National Horseshoe Pitching Championships will officially be a Horseshoe Tour Tournament… the tournament dates are June 25 & 26, 2016 and it will be held at Erie’s awesome 24 court pitching facility in Glenwood Park. 
The Horseshoe Tour is extremely honored to be entrusted by the Erie Horseshoe Club to co-host this premier event.  So, expect great things from the 2016 Eastern Nationals… Horseshoe Tour style!  We don’t usually single out one tournament from the others, but come on, it’s the Eastern Nationals! Opportunities like this don’t come around very often so be assured that the Horseshoe Tour will take full advantage, making this into a truly unforgettable experience!  We don’t want any of our regular players to miss out on the chance to compete in this one and we know that Erie is one of those beach resort towns where hotel rooms can be hard to come by in the summer time… that’s why we’re announcing this as early as we possibly can.  Trust us… you truly need to start planning now! 
We will follow this announcement with actual host hotel information and so on as soon as we have it.  We’re hoping it will be the newly built Baymont Inn at 8170 Perry Highway, directly across from Presque Isle Downs and Casino and just a few minutes up the road from the courts.  It’s a gorgeous hotel!  That’s not official yet, but don’t wait for the official announcements to start making tentative travel plans, as that’s a great place to stay. Here is a great website to get you started… Or, talk to our friends at the Erie Sports Commission:
Well I'm all set for Erie. Made my reservations today,but if something comes up at the new place,please let me know.

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