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2015 Big Game Checks
The 2015 season is now over, so we'll be preparing to mail out the "big game" checks that players have earned during this year. We will also be balancing our checkbook, so I ask if you are hanging on to a check from the Horseshoe Tour, please cash it. If you are a player who hasn't filled out an entry form correctly with your address information on it, then we cannot mail you your check until you let us know where to mail it. We will be holding back on mailing out big game checks to those who still have an uncashed check. If you are unsure whether you are one of these players, please contact me, Ron Taylor at 803-412-8226, or by email at

After we mail out the checks of players who filled out their entry forms correctly, we will post a list of the players who we don't have addresses for, and those who have uncashed checks still pending. It may be you have changed addresses during the year as well, we just need to know.

I was waiting on this last check but I will make it to the Bank today. I have them right in front of me. I just like looking at the real deal. Smile  I'll just have to make a copy of them and frame them. Should go right along with a new Trophy room.
I don't have easy bank deposit from a smart phone to hold on to the check forever. Sorry if it causes an inconvenience. Hopefully you have a high interest rate to build some interest while I'm looking them all over. Kidding.
 I'm aware there's no such thing anymore but anything helps. .01 % is almost a joke at most banks now days. I will be smiling all the way to the bank for sure. Trying to use my payouts to support some horseshoe events a little. An awful lot of expenses need to be covered.
P.S. I hold on to the NHPA checks also if it makes you feel better.  Not a bad year in Horseshoes!

I really want to thank you for everything you all do! You are making Horseshoe pitching in History. Maybe someday it will compete with Golf, Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, along with other BIG name Sports. I sure would like to be a part of it with you.

I will be promoting and publicizing Horseshoe pitching as much as I can as the 2nd Vice President here in TX for the next Two years. I'm watching and learning from everyone I can. Idea  We just have to reach the right subjects to kick it off. I just know it will happen.

Thank you all again. You are all such great people to know and be involved with.

I just can't wait for next year. I will try and make more of the Tournaments if at all possible. I think we are doing pretty good so far, Keep it going.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Cool
Thanks Ed, your checks aren't the only ones out, some other folks like to look at them too, haha! Seriously, we have to clear our books each year. We do appreciate you, and everyone else who plays with us and supports the tour and horseshoes in general.
The Horseshoe Tour "Big Game" checks are in the mail!!! Around 90 players will be receiving checks totaling over $7600. We had a great year, and congratulations to everyone who reached their big game number, and banked money during last season.....Let us know when you receive yours, we'd love to hear from you! Thanks for attending all or some of our events this year.

Yes! ' got my check in the mail today. 'Just in time for my Birthday. Thanks much.
One more thing for which to be thankful.

Be Blessed.

Dow Buford
We mailed out around 100 Big Game checks, and only had three returned to us, I'm working on getting those correct addresses. I hope players are receiving them, only Joan and Dow actually let us know.

Got my Big Game check a few days ago ,thank you Horseshoe Tour for
a very nice Christmas gift. Looking forward to next season with the Horseshoe Tour.


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