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Photos and a big shout out.
I have been sitting here all morning looking over the photos over the last two years on FB. I don't currently have a FB account and am so glad you have it open for anyone to see. I want to thank you HP Tour and all your supporters for putting a successful Tour together that recognizes so many different Horseshoe pitching clubs around the country. I love Traveling to your events and meeting all the awesome people in our sport.

 Sorry I had a distraction this year and missed out on some special moments.  (Girlfriend is a California girl. Perhaps she will understand the program and get more involved in the future.) I like helping out and being involved for the cause and I'm missing out on getting in photos. Seems I'm always somewhere other than near where the group photos are taken, My BAD! Dodgy I'll have to get some new threads to show off a little and get in Pace with the big boys like Austin. He looks cool and calm. He told me at the Lone Star Shootout in TX I need better moisture wicking shirts. It's a must to look good for everyone. Big Grin Good advice Austin! It does get hot in TX. And thanks for making the trip. It was good to have you to compete against.

I really want to shout out a huge thanks to Shelly Martinez and the other photographers for all the great photos and videos. Lots of great photos and memories to carry this Tour to the big times in the near future.
So nice to have good people involved in our sport.

Great work Shelly! Thanks for being on top of it all. You are awesome!

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Cool
I agree with you Ed, thanks Shelly for all your hard work!!! You do a great job..


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