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2016 Tour Schedule
Our tentative schedule for 2016 is listed below, we also have a sixth potential site for later in the year that is being negotiated. Set your calendars for these dates.

04/16-17/2016 Newberry, SC
05/21-22/2016 Clarksville, TN
06/25-26/2016 Erie, PA
09/17-18/2016 Buffalo, TX
10/15-16/2016 Morgan City, LA
What happened to Chalybeate, KY?  Did they not want to be in it for 2016 or did they not make the cut? Also, is the tour  limited to six events or are you looking to expand? What is your goal for the number of events per year?
Sidewinder, we had no bid offer from Kentucky for 2016, however, last season they were added onto the schedule at the last minute. Remember, this is only our tentative, or preliminary schedule, that doesn't mean it couldn't change. We hope to play there again soon.

Six events seems to work out the best for us, and it gives us time to recover from one event, and get to another. It also works out best for getting our staff to tournaments. There is no maximum, or minimum number we are committed to, it's more of how these events work out with the individual state schedules, and the WT. If you look back at previous years events, we have been in the 4-5-6 number range, but to answer your question, I would say that our goal is six events, but that doesn't always work. It seems lately, we are leaning toward multi year deals with sites, and that limits the number of additional locations we can take.

As we get closer to the opening of the 2016 season in South Carolina, just a reminder to players of a couple of things. A few years back we decided to cut our paperwork in half by eliminating the “membership” from the tour, and require a $75 entry fee. This was a drop from the original entry fee/membership fee, which was around $100 total for the two separate fees, excluding the Open Divisions. We now have a $75 entry fee which covers both, but only $50 of each of this entry is figured into the payout. The additional $25 is in effect, your membership fee, and is added to our account to cover the administration of the tour.

The payout of our tournaments includes the site bids, and the entry fees of the players, which is set at our deadline  dates (10 days prior to the event). Because we include a portion of your entry fee into our payouts, if you drop out of any event after the deadline, which in this case your entry fee will already be added to the payout, it will not be refundable, nor will you be able to move your entry to another tournament site as in the past. Remember also, your name will not be listed in any event unless your entry fee has been paid.
I'm getting my bags packed for the SC tour.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Cool
Great news Ed, we'll be waiting on you!

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