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Pre-Tournament Entries List
I've recently had inquiries about why the 40' players entry list for the upcoming Newberry, SC tournament is so much less than the 30' players list.  In fact, some of the people asking about it were 40' players who were on the fence about coming to the tournament and were weary to enter because of so few entries in the division.  Well, this low number can easily be explained...

Actually, this happens for almost all of our tournaments, it's just way more noticeable for the first one on the schedule each season because those entries are posted up there for months in advance compared to the other tournaments that only have their entry list up for a few weeks prior to the tournament.  The fact is, for the past few seasons, we have changed to where we only post paid entries on this list and for unknown reasons, we always get a ton of 40' entries at the last minute, compared to 30' foot players who very often enter weeks and months ahead of time.  Our best guess is that 40' players are all men of working age who need to take leave from their jobs to attend and often don't know until the last minute whether they can get the days off work needed to compete in a tournament.  Whereas, the 30' players are commonly non-working people, often retired or non-working by choice, and can plan much farther ahead for tournament play. 

In the end, it almost always works out to be groups of nearly even sizes. Often, the 40' division has more players when it's all said and done.  From what we know of the players who've semi-committed to Newberry but haven't paid yet, it looks like it will work to be a normal Horseshoe Tour tournament, with about the same number of entries in both divisions and a typical size Open Division as well.  Unfortunately, we can't post those players' names on the list until they are paid. Overall, we expect this to be the largest number of entries ever at this location, so for those of you who might be worried about what you see posted on the web, well, don't give it another thought... This is sure to be one of our best events of the season, as it always is... we are very confident in this!

     Bobby White, President
     Horseshoe Tour
Cobbler, you hit the nail on the head. In the past we have listed players who commit to coming to a tournament, whether or not they have sent in their entries, and the list was updated at deadline time to reflect all paid participants. We are still three weeks from the deadline for the event, and this early number is actually encouraging, as we normally get a rush near the deadline. There are a lot of players who we expect to attend, but just haven't sent in their entry fee yet.

Ron, thanks for the further insight on this.  It is funny how things have changed in recent years in terms of running tournaments.  I can remember running big, pre-register style tournaments back in the 1990's and getting most all of the entries in weeks before the deadline, with only a few stragglers coming in at the last minute.  Today, it seems to be the exact opposite... you get about 10% early entries and about 90% in the last ten days before deadline, with the bulk of them coming in over the last few days.

It used to be that the director could pre-arrange almost the whole tournament a couple weeks ahead of the deadline and just squeeze in those last few entries as they came in at the end.  Now you have to wait until after the deadline to do any setup at all.  This has really compounded the task of directing tournaments.
One other fact about entries is that since we no longer have DI and DII divisions, cancellation of divisions is a thing of the past, now everyone plays, and ALL players in the 40' and 30' divisions will play both days, and win some amount of money, depending on where you finish. After Saturday's qualifying, all players (excluding the Open Division) are placed in groups of four for the finals on Sunday. We will play in Newberry, regardless of weather, and we will pay the event off, that's always our goal.

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