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Did I miss something?
I see there is a new name change, website and forum.  I would not even found out about it, if it weren't for Facebook.  I have my favorites marked and to my surprise Pro Tour was gone. LOL  Nice look I must say.  Wishing everyone lots of ringers this weekend at the tour event in Kentucky.
Sure glad you found the new site & like the changes.
(08-07-2015, 01:15 AM)scpitcher Wrote: Sure glad you found the new site & like the changes.

Also, how about putting the link to the Facebook page, in the links section or reference it on the homepage.

There is a link to our Facebook page and another to horseshoeshop's youtube channel at the bottom of the page. We'll consider adding additional links in more prominent spots on the page. Thanks for the feedback.
Just found this myself,have missed the forum
Good to have you back! Don't forget to join our email list to get updates and info from the tour.
I must be missing something. How do I get on the email list?
It's located on the black menu bar at the top of the opening page.

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