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Playoff for 3rd & 4th Place
I'm sure this has been discussed but I haven't seen any reference to it but why not have the losers of the first finals match play each other for 3rd place?  This serves three purposes:
  1. The winner of the 3rd place match will have a sense of accomplishment
  2. Those playing for 3rd place will be able to pitch a few more meaningful games, rather than merely hang around until the finals matches are done.
  3. The remaining scorekeepers get to collect a little more change, while waiting for the event to conclude.
I'm just asking and opening up for discussion.

Lastly, if the finals remain the same, would there be any problem if the 3rd place pitchers AGREED to play each other in a best 2 of 3 match for the remaining money -> winner take all? I 'm just contemplating.

Please keep those opinions coming - The Horseshoe Tour leadership will listen and consider what the majority prefers.

I'm sure Bobby & Ron will want to weigh in on this topic. Actually it has not always been this way, we have tried different formats based on players input.

2009 - 3rd remained tied (as today)
2010 & 2011 - Full 2 of 3 game match to decide 3rd/4th
2012 - Single game match to decide 3rd/4th
2013, 2014 &2015 3rd remains tied

The feedback we were getting during the 2010 - 2012 seasons was that most players in that position did not want to play the "consolation" match. They were already knocked out of the running for 1st and the monetary difference between 3rd & 4th was not that much, maybe $50 difference. 

Our reasoning has generally been at that point in the tournament to focus on the final pairings and to showcase the 2 players competing for the 1st & 2nd place money - usually something like $500 vs. $300.

A "winner take all" match between the 3rd place finishers would probably bump the 3rd place money higher than 2nd place Sad
I suppose the tied 3rd place finishers could do what they want AFTER the final matches are complete, but generally everyone is picking up their checks, packing up and heading for home by that time.
Sidewinder, Mike is correct in his post. We have been back and forth with this issue over the years. The overwhelming majority of players do not want to play for third and fourth place for pride and very little difference in the money. Also, playing consolation games force players and scorekeepers to stay at the site later on Sunday evening. When we did use that system, we were still playing at 5:00, even 6:00 in the afternoon. Some players have to catch flights back home, and most of the players want to get on the road, as they have to get to work the next morning, some of our staff included. Since going back to not having consolation games, we are usually finished in the early afternoon. We almost always have some of these matches go the maximum of all three games, and into sudden death, which delays the event even further. Another point is that it could potentially cause problems on our payout chart, in our current system we attempt to have third and fourth be guaranteed money, and be equal to, or greater than first place in the next group down. This change could water down fourth place and cause repercussions all the way down the line. We have put a lot of time and thought into the system we have now, and most everyone seems to be satisfied so far.


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