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The Horseshoe Tour Website
I just wanted to reflect on our new website and point out a couple of items. As we continue to upgrade the site, and add items to it, one area that players should be looking is under "useful information" on the right side of the opening page. Now players who are planning on attending an event, can get almost everything they need about that particular site by looking here. We have worked to gather information to post, and for the final two events this year, we now have it up. Also, the information on past and current event results are just a click away on the menu bar at the top of the screen. Entry forms, schedule, and the current big game chart are listed under "Tournament Info" and don't forget about our "email list". just click on the link there, and sign up for additional info on tournaments, and other things that are, and will be happening as the tour heads to the final events this year, and for upcoming 2016 items as well. We have a four person staff now handling these duties on the site, led by our new webmaster, Mike Myers. Everyone has done a great job so far, and there is still a lot to do, but for now, well done staff!


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