Cajun Coast Classic, Louisiana


We are very sorry to announce that the 2021 Cajun Coast Classic Horseshoe Tour event scheduled for October 9-10 has been cancelled. Power restoration and rebuilding efforts continue slowly following two major hurricane type storm hits so far this season and are being further hampered by more storms right now. Currently, hotels in places like Morgan City are completely packed with displaced local residents and emergency workers. This is creating room shortages all over the state and beyond. It is obvious that this situation will carry into the time that our event is scheduled for and probably far past those dates, meaning that there will be no place for any of our staff or travelling players to stay on those dates, as displaced residents can’t be forced from their rooms. Our reservations will be cancelled instead, as they should be. So, knowing this, our only alternative is to cancel the tournament, bringing on an early end to the 2021 Horseshoe Tour season. If you’ve already entered this tournament, you can either move your entry fee forward to a future tournament or receive a full refund… the choice is yours.

We appreciate the continued support of all our players since restarting the tour in these uncertain times and we’re very sorry to have to cut this season short by one tournament. In the beginning, we had no idea how much of this season we’d complete, so finishing four out of five isn’t all that bad. We’re looking forward to a great 2022 season and are already working on that schedule now, shuffling things around so that we hopefully don’t run into the same problems next time.

Bobby White

Horseshoe Tour President