Cajun Coast Classic

Cajun Coast Classic Horseshoe Tour Tournament in Morgan City, LA, Dates October 10-11 (this upcoming weekend) Update:


It is clear that this tropical storm named Delta, soon to be hurricane Delta, is going to severely impact play of this tournament this weekend in Morgan City, LA. At best, it is almost certainly going to wash out Saturday pitching entirely, leaving us with only Sunday to work with and most likely, not the whole day… and that’s the best we can expect. The worst is unthinkable! The Morgan City area is actually looking at possible evacuation plans, so that should tell you how serious this storm is. It’s the real deal and we have no choice but to cancel this event.
We wanted to give you all as much notice as possible, as we know many of you will be leaving to get there in the next day or so. There will soon be a more official announcement of this here, telling you this same thing and how entry fees will be refunded, etc. But I figured since we just made the call that we should tell you ASAP. I’m really sorry to break this news. We were all looking forward to this trip and to seeing everyone; most of you for the first ime in a long time. But trust me, this was the right call.

Bobby White, Tour President

PS, please share this with anyone you think may be attending this tournament… and thank you for your helpin spreading the word!

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