Clarksville, TN

Great news from Clarksville, work on the cover for 10 of their 22 courts has begun, and work on a better drainage system has been completed. All this will improve the facility, provide some relief for the horseshoe players, and decrease the weekend preparations on the courts. We will be able to complete the tournament during inclement weather without using the Agricultural Building for backup, which is time consuming for the Recreation Dept. The majority of the work will be completed by the time we play there on June 3-4. Deadline for the tournament entries is May 24th. We are expecting a great crowd there this year, so get your entries in so we can list you on this site. Thank you to the City of Clarksville, and the Recreation Dept. for their commitment to the horseshoe facility.

The phone number for the LaQuinta front desk for reservations is 931.906.0606

The address of the facility at Civitan Park in Clarksville, TN.

Civitan Park
650 Bellamy Ln
Clarksville, Tennessee 37043

Newberry, SC Info

We are receiving entries now, the deadline for the Newberry, SC event is April 19th. Entries for the tournament are located at the top of the page under “Tournament Info”. The Hampton Inn will again be the host hotel for the SummerFun Tour tournament. The room block is open, but there are a limited number of rooms available. Be sure to mention the SummerFun Horseshoe pitching rate. The number of the hotel is 803-276-6666. There will be no reception this year due to some conflicts, but we plan to have supper on Friday night at the Palms Restaurant, the food is great, and the prices are reasonable, anyone is welcome to join us there. The usual card game will be held in the lobby of the Hampton Inn, as we have done in the past. Info on Bubba’s hot dog contest will be posted later.

Revised 2017 Points System

Because we will only have five events on our schedule in 2017 (instead of six as last year), resulting in a less amount of funding coming from the sites, the number of points places will be reduced to 35 payout spots in order to maintain the integrity of the system. The new terminology will be “Points” system, even though a big game (one ringer over your entering average) is how you score points at a site. Also, this year, we will implement what we are calling “Travel Points” for players who play in any tournament anywhere. Each player who attends an event will automatically receive 3 travel points to be added to your points total for the tournament, this ensures that a player who participates in multiple events during the year, gets additional credit for traveling.

2017 Horseshoe Tour National Championship

We’ve been patiently waiting for the last five years and it seems the heavens are finally lining up for us, as we’ve found a truly marvelous event that we can proudly call the “2017 Horseshoe Tour National Championships.” The venue is the Civic Center in Florence, South Carolina, better known to us in the horseshoe world as the site of the coming 2018 NHPA World Horseshoe Championships! Yes, just like York, this is an indoor tournament being hosted by a truly first class facility and host city. The Florence CC staff is constructing 16 NHPA sanctioned portable clay horseshoe courts just for this event. The facility will be in full operation, including concessions and the player reception and meetings will all be at the site. Host hotel and more specific event information will be published here as it comes available.
There are endless hotels and restaurants in close proximity to the tournament site and that doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty of Florence and surrounding areas. There just couldn’t be a better host site than Florence. Not only is the facility as good as it gets, but the prize fund they’ve offered for this event is completely over the top! When you combine that with the huge entry we’re expecting, it should pay completely off the charts at all levels!
We want a victory at the Horseshoe Tour National Championship to mean something and, just like in York, it will here in Florence. In cultivating such an atmosphere, we hope to attract the best of the best players at all skill levels in the sport and bring them all together for a couple days of intense competition and tremendous camaraderie that is so unique to our great sport, particularly at Horseshoe Tour Tournaments.
Players come up to us everywhere we go and thank us for bringing back that warm “family feeling” to the sport that seems to have faded in recent years, and there will surely be all kinds of fun and excitement in Florence! So plan on finishing off this season with what will surely be one of our greatest tournaments ever… the Horseshoe Tour’s 2017 National Championships in Florence, SC!
Bobby White, Horseshoe Tour President

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