Announcement from the President

I want to start this off by thanking every player who has helped support The Horseshoe Tour over its first decade of existence. Over the years we’ve gone through format changes, name changes, payout changes, schedule changes… the list goes on. Nothing has stayed the same, yet we’ve endured it all and have always come out stronger in the end. We’ve been in a constant state of change since day one in just about every way with one exception… our players. We’ve always had the best players in this sport and we are very, very grateful for that. Because of this, we decided way back that even though The Horseshoe Tour is not a member run organization and isn’t under any obligation to reveal its financial status to its players, we’d do so anyways and this is no exception. Like every other organization out there, The Horseshoe Tour has operating expenses which are always on the rise. Outside of those expenses, we pay back just about everything we take in during a season to our players. At the end of each season, we try to leave a little in reserve to help start off the next season, and to cover off-season expenses and so far, with a little luck along the way, we’ve somehow managed to do that.

For those unfamiliar with our operations, it’s a very common sense approach and if there’s ever any question, it’s all there for every player to see throughout each season. Just look a little closer at the income and payout details on each tournament summary sheet… add in the Big Game contest winnings paid at the end of the season and that’s pretty much the whole story. If you then take a minute and do the math on all that, you’ll quickly see that there is very little left over when it’s all said and done. Whatever is left is what we operate the Tour on and those reserve funds have been dwindling down to a lesser amount each of these past few seasons, ever since we started this new payout system in the Prime Division with no eliminations, every place paid, and virtually all entry fee paid back. We knew when we started it that it would be unsustainable and that we’d eventually have to rein it in. But, like we often do with new things on this Tour, we wanted to start it with a bang and go as long as we could, which we did for several seasons. But, the time to rein it in is now.

Like I said, expenses are always on the rise and to be frank, last season’s player payouts left us running on fumes. The upcoming season is virtually the same and we know we can’t make it through another like that without making changes. Obviously, change is the name of the game when it comes to running this Tour and we’re very good at handling it. But unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of ways to change our income on the fly. That takes some creativity, as all of our funding is basically preset. For example, the funding from our host sites is under contract and locked in, so we can’t pull any extra money from those sources. Membership in the Tour is free, so we can’t draw any funds increase from there like other organizations can. In fact, our only real options are to raise entry fees and/or cut payouts. Luckily, we don’t need to pick up a ton of money to put us back in the black. So, the effect on entry fees and payouts will be minimal. It equates simply to a $5 increase in entry fee for Prime players and a new payout block. Starting in 2019, all places are still paid, but the top 5 final four brackets (A thru E) will receive a minimum of $80 for third and fourth places, and final four brackets below that level will be paid a minimum payout of $100-$80-$50-$50. This combination gets us to where we need to be, changes will be made to the new entry form.

It’s been years since we’ve had to increase any costs to our players. In fact, we’ve mostly done the exact opposite, but this season we have no choice. We always put player interests first and we are sure our players understand that we’re just doing what we have to, so that we can continue to present them with opportunities to compete in these awesome tournaments for another decade and hopefully far beyond that. We look forward to a great 2019 season starting as always, in Newberry, SC in mid April. Following Newberry, in early June will be a return to another original site in Lowell, NC. We are really excited to go back to Lowell… Like Newberry, it’s one of the best places to pitch in the Eastern US… don’t miss either of these! Then we take a break in July to allow for the NHPA’s World Tournament in Wichita Falls, TX. Then, once again, The Horseshoe Tour visits Winnemucca, NV in late August and we finish 2019 in Morgan City, LA in mid October… the perfect place to close the season, as always. We’re working on the 2020 season now and I must say, things are looking pretty good for the future of The Horseshoe Tour! Thanks again to all who’ve helped us along the way… we owe it all to you!


Bobby White
Horseshoe Tour President

2019 Horseshoe Tour Schedule

The 2019 Horseshoe Tour schedule is complete!

We will again have four events for next year, which seems to work nice for our staff, and have added one new site, Lowell, NC. We are disappointed for the loss of the Clarksville, TN location after five years, but exited about returning to Lowell, which was on our schedule in our first season in 2009.

2019 Horseshoe Tour Schedule

April 13-14 Newberry SummerFun Newberry, SC (double points)
June 8-9 Gaston County Clash Lowell, NC (triple points)
August 17-18 Winnemucca Open Winnemucca, NV (double points)
October 12-13 Cajun Coast Classic Morgan City, LA (triple points)

2018 Big Game Final Standings

The final “Big Game” standings for the 2018 season are posted below, we will begin mailing out checks in early November to the top 25 places, plus ties. Remember, any ties will be broken with the number of events a player has attended, if still tied, the total winnings for the places (two or more) will be added together, and distributed evenly between players.

Please review the standings, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ron Taylor at 803-214-8226 by November 1st. Also remember, all Horseshoe Tour checks must be cashed within 60 days of issue.


Cajun Coast Classic

The summary sheet for the Cajun Coast Classic, in Morgan City/Patterson, with all info on times, court assignments, payout, etc, is located on the menu bar at the top of this page. Go to “tournament info”, then “Morgan City Entries”

Our last event of the 2018 season is in Morgan City/Patterson, LA. We are expecting a nice turnout for this tournament. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, October 3rd.

The Hampton Inn will again be the host hotel for the Cajun Coast Classic in Morgan City, LA on October 13-14. The room block has been set up early for players to make arrangements. This year the rate is only $89 per night! Just make sure you mention that you are with the Cajun Coast Classic. The number for reservations is (985)221-4421, block ends September 21st. The Hampton Inn there is one of the best we’ve stayed in, and just a few miles from the courts, and it always helps to support the tournament when you stay at the host hotel, and we’ll all be there, so make your reservations now!

The deadline for the room block at the Hampton Inn in Morgan City, LA has passed (expired Sep 21st), however, the hotel is setting a new block that will run until October 5th, details listed in a post below. Remember, because you may have missed the original block, the original rate of $89 has passed as well, so the remaining rooms that are available are $99 per night (regular rate starting at $112 per night) Thanks to the Hampton Inn there for creating an additional room block for late comers.

Hampton Inn & Suites Morgan City
6365 Highway 182 E, Morgan City, LA 70380 US

The Horseshoe Tour will hold its Hall of Fame activities for this year along side the reception at the Amelia Belle Casino on Friday evening from 7:00-9:00 PM. The Amelia Belle reception has become a staple of the tour event in Morgan City over the past years, its a great time, so make plans to be there!!

Amelia Belle Casino
500 Lake Palourde Rd
Amelia, LA 70340

Address of the Horseshoe Facility:
Kemper Williams Park
264 Cotten Rd
Patterson, Louisiana 70392

The Morgan City/Patterson tour event is the last tournament of the season, and is designated as a “triple points” site (the only one on our schedule this year), and with the points places real close, this should be an interesting end to the race! Remember, only the top 25 places will win money. The complete current points lineup is located at, look under “tournament results” on the menu bar at the top of the page, then click on “2018 results”.

Camping available on site:
Kemper Williams RV Park
$35.00 Per Night
$130.00 Weekly
$400.00 Per Month
30 & 50 amp hookups with sewer and water on hard surface Dump stations
160 rally RV Campsites adjacent to Civic Center
Tent sites available
For Reservations Call : 985-395-2298
264 Cotten Rd
Patterson, Louisiana 70392

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