Eastern National Tour Event

The Horseshoe Tour will travel to Erie, PA on June 25-26, and will partner with the Eastern National Tournament for our third event of the year. The 66th annual Eastern, is sponsored by the Erie Horseshoe Club, Thoroughbred Horseshoes, (manufactured by White Distributors), and the Horseshoe Tour. We are expecting a great turnout, and as in all our events, we’ll have a fun time there for sure. This will actually be our fourth time in Erie, and we are optimistic this will be our best event to date. White Distributors has been a strong supporter of the tour since it’s beginning in 2009, and we hope players will show their appreciation by attending this event. Because Erie is such a big tourist area, hotels are an issue there, so we will not offer a “host” hotel, players can get rooms where every they choose. On Friday night, we will have a reception after supper at their indoor facility starting at 7:30. This, and other Erie info will be posted as we get closer to the tournament.