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Welcome to our new “Horseshoe Tour” website…  I’m Bobby White, President of The Horseshoe Tour and this is our brand new look online… what do you think?  Well, it’s a whole lot more than just that… Not only is it a brand new look for us and a slight name and logo change as well, but it’s also a massive technology change that takes us fully into the realm of hand held internet access.

A little more about the new look and slight logo/name change…

Over the years, we’ve grown to include players at all levels of the sport, no longer just the top “Pro” players, as was originally intended.  So we thought it was time to change to a name, logo and website that best represents that.  One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is our basic philosophy of developing and rewarding excellence in the sport… the competitiveness hasn’t changed, as The Horseshoe Tour is still an awesome place to test your personal skills in horseshoe pitching… No, we’ve just opened our arms a little further to embrace players at all levels of proficiency and it’s paying off big for us!  Our family of players grows with every event and there’s no end in sight!  It seems everyone who comes and plays horseshoes with us has a great time and loves our unique tournament format; word is spreading like lightening… that makes us happy, our hosts happy and most importantly, the players are happy!  All these positive vibes have led to awesome multi-year deals with most existing hosts and have also made it easy to find new ones.  We’re all constantly making new friends and so the family grows exponentially… By the way, we’ve heard your cries for tournaments up north again and are seriously looking at two northern sites for the mid-season slots next year… one awesome brand new one and one old favorite from seasons past!

A little more about the technology of our new website…

The main thing we’ve done here is condense our previous three websites into just this one main site, so now (well, once it’s completed… we’re not quite there yet!), you’ll have a one stop shop for everything related to The Horseshoe Tour!  Not only that, but you’ll also be able to easily access all this information from virtually any type of device… smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC… anything with a web browser!  It has full touch screen functionality as well as traditional mouse and keyboard capabilities.  It senses the type of device you’re using and automatically reacts to fit your screen size and type.  With the explosion of phone and tablet use these last few years to the point where more than 60% of internet use comes from handheld, touchscreen devices, we couldn’t wait any longer to make this jump to the latest technology.  We communicate almost exclusively online with our community of players and so we’ve got to make sure we stay up with the way you are all accessing our website.  This new site ensures that for us and we are excited to move forward from here… everything we add to the site from here on will hold to this priority of multi screen type access.  Find us on your phone… it’s easy!

Going forward with an all new web staff…

We have an all new team of editors who are dedicated to feeding you continuous updates on happenings within the Tour itself and also the wider realm of the entire sport of horseshoe pitching.  So, if you want to know what’s going on in horseshoes, check here first!  We’ll keep you up to date for sure!
Thank you for stopping by to check out our website and once again, welcome to The Horseshoe Tour!
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