New Tour Tie Breaker

Over the last 9 years, the Horseshoe Tour has used several diverse ways to break ties, but at most tournaments we still spend a great amount of time after the first day of qualifying is completed, going through this process. In some cases, players leave the site before the final stats are posted, and we must locate them and get them back to the courts just to pitch a minimum number of shoes, (down and back in most cases). Much of the time, players choose not to even return, so our staff has decided to try and solve this time-consuming problem by going back to a system we used briefly in the past…… your “entering average” as a tie breaker. This gives some meaning to you regular season average on Natstats also and worked very well we used it.

Starting in 2018, your entering average, or seed number on your round robin card, will determine who gets a tied spot after qualifying.