Development of Horseshoe Tour Hall of Fame!

Being it’s our 9th season, we’ve now got enough stats to work with to determine eligible candidates for Hall of Fame induction, so we’re doing it! The Inductions of the first class of players will take place at the end of this season during the National Championship Tournament in Florence, SC. But this is not your typical Hall of Fame set up. We’re doing it different. There’s no nominating, no voting… nothing like that. The only way in is to earn your way in Horseshoe Tour style, by again, rewarding excellence!

We’ve been working on this concept for the past few seasons and feel that now is the right time to implement it. We have developed a formula based on player ability, earnings and experience that awards and tracks a player’s total career points. When a player hits 12,500 points, they are automatically in the Hall of Fame… it’s as simple as that!

Now, it could take a long time to get to 12,500 points, so we thought it would be nice to reward players along the way as they gain more and more points towards the Hall of Fame mark. So, we set up achievement levels at every 2,500 points. When a player passes up those marks, they receive an award and increase their career status. more details will be posted as this develops over the next few months leading up to Florence.

Click Horseshoe Tour Hall of Fame System PDF for HOF criteria

Click here for Horseshoe Tour Career Points List

Thank you!

Bobby White
Horseshoe Tour President

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