2020 Newberry SummerFun Cancelled

Horseshoe Tour Tournament Cancellation, Newberry, SC SummerFun (April 18-19):
To all those planning on attending the Newberry, SC Horseshoe Tour Tournament on April 18-19, I have made the decision to cancel this event due to the Covid-19 concern across the USA. With all indications of a worsening threat to the US population, an immediate decision was needed to address this growing concern. With the majority of our players being elderly, the highest risk age group, and the fact that many will travel through multi states to get to Newberry, stopping in hotels, restaurants, rest stops, and other very public places along the way, it just doesn’t make sense to take such risks at this time. By tournament time, the danger could be far greater, and I feel we have an obligation to protect our players, our staff, and the Newberry community from this threat. After several discussions with Newberry and Tour staff on how best to do that, I’ve decided that cancellation is the only viable option.
What about the rest of the 2020 Horseshoe Tour schedule?
We expect it to become less and less likely to cancel future 2020 tournaments, but being just down the line from Newberry, our tournaments in Bryan, TX and Lowell, NC are still very much a concern for us. We’ve decided to deal with each tournament as they come along. We do not expect the August and October events to be affected by any of this, but we will post updates down the line as we know more on those events. We remain hopeful that no other events will be cancelled.
Please proceed as normal with entries and don’t fear losing your entry fee or anything like that. The earlier you can enter the better for us, so we can get a good gauge on who plans on attending each tournament, which will aid us in our decision on each event. All entry fees will be immediately refunded in full for any cancelled tournaments.
What about Hall of Fame Inductions planned for Newberry?
We are looking at moving that to the Lowell, NC Tournament in June and will post more on that as soon as we know more. If we can’t work it out for Lowell, we will just move it out to 2021 in Newberry.

Bobby White
Horseshoe Tour President

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